How safe do you feel?

Cybersecurity is more than just cyber, and more than just security. In this area, more than any other, holistic view and delivery is the only way to go.

For SMEs, it is hard to understand the big picture of it, much less decide what to do. So, how does a business know what step to take today to survive tomorrow?

Cybersecurity: How Safe Do You Feel?

Our Approach

What makes us different?

Our Approach: Understandable, Comprehensive, Actionable

We make cybersecurity understandable, comprehensive, and actionable.

There are two extremes that you don't want: having no security at all, and having too much of it. For any business, resource pool that can take care of security is limited. For small and medium-size businesses - even more so.

First of all, what we offer is understandable even if you are not a technical person. Since cybersecurity is at the core of the business, we make sure that it is clear for business people.

Next, we offer comprehensive solution. We believe in holistic approaches, and we embody that belief. Every area that is related to cyber risks must be covered, so that you can manage those risks.

And, most importantly, we make cybersecurity actionable. Instead of a bunch of case studies and nice theory, we provide you with clear guidance on where you are right now, and what you next step should be.

Our Framework

What do the these ABC and RAMPART acronyms mean?

ABC Maturity Model and RAMPART Framework

We use two parts of a single understanding.

In order to fulfil our promise and have a solid approach, we have developed a framework to evaluate different areas or risk and concern, and a maturity model to provide actionable guidance.

RAMPART™ Framework gives a comprehensive view.

Our framework provides clear separation of areas of concern to track your progress. It covers seven areas of risk (hence R-A-M-P-A-R-T). Like eating an elephant, working on a large subject, such as cybersecurity, needs to be done one bite at a time. Also, we use the framework to adjust maturity requirements for different businesses in a structured way.

ABC Maturity Model™ helps you take action.

Our model provides simple and straightforward grading of cybersecurity capabilities of a business (from Concerned through Bothered to Adequate). It does away with unnecessarily complex frameworks, and focuses on highlighting the next step that your business needs to take. We use ABC Maturity Model™ along with RAMPART™ Framework to determine your current situation, and the next steps that we have to take.

Our Process

So, you want to get started? Let us tell you how we work.

Step 0. Coffee.

Step 0. Coffee. Good things start with coffee.

During this initial meeting we have a pleasant conversation, and get to know each other. The goal is to make sure that our services and your needs are a good match. After all, security is about partnership. Did we mention coffee? It can be tea or beer, for that matter. Vive la différence!

Step 1. Assessment.

Step 1. Assessment. Health check before we get to work.

We will go together through all parts of the RAMPART™ Framework and grade you according to the ABC Maturity Model™. It is an essential step because before taking a step on a journey we need to know where we stand.

Step 2. Ramping Up.

Step 2. Ramping Up. Now we work together to build your defences.

If your current maturity level is either C or B, then we work with you to boost it to Adequate. In other words, we make sure that every link of your cybersecurity chain is strong enough for your business.

Step 3. Keeping Up.

Step 3. Keeping Up. Think of it as getting a gym card, and actually turning up.

Cybersecurity is a dynamic issue. Doing it once does not make sense. So, we help you to keep up. To make your life easier, we provide managed service. It means that someone will be watching out for you, while you can focus on building and expanding your core business. Or, if you prefer taking care of your systems by yourself, then we schedule follow-up appointments for regular assessments.

Ready to Act?

Start protecting your business the way it deserves!

About Knowledge Lab

Knowledge Lab Ltd is an Auckland-based business built and run by Alexander Leonov (you can read more about him if you follow the link). We specialise on providing practical solutions to businesses. Our main focus at the moment is cybersecurity.

Our quality is always guaranteed.

Knowledge Lab it a Partner of the Connect Smart programme, which is run by the New Zealand government.